Our Events Team

Stephanie Hafer Shaak, Vice President of Event & Exhibition Rentals (Lady in the gray jacket and killer shoes)

This is the boss-lady!  Stephanie built the Event Rentals Department here at The Museum and runs it with style and grace.  In addition to running our department, she handles all of our corporate events as well as our Touring Exhibitions (exhibits we lend to other museums).  She’s been here since 2011 and The Museum is better for it!  From the Exeter area, Stephanie and her husband, Tyler, (along with their chiweenie, Mac!) welcomed twins Kenton and Tenley in March 2018.  So happy for them!  Look out world…you’ve got one fierce mama bear and her adorable cubs comin’ your way!

Laura Culp, Event Rental Coordinator (Chick in the white jacket holding an elf)

We’ve technically already met as I am the voice of this blog, but Hi There!  I handle all of our wedding rentals as well as children’s birthday parties and other non-corporate events.  I’ve been with The Museum since June 2014 and I absolutely love it!  I have a wonderful work-family here and I get to meet awesome people and help them plan some of the best days of their lives.  Born and raised in Reading, I come from a big family and just added one more in October 2018, my son, Luca!  He, along with my husband and three dogs, fill my home and heart with joy and love every day.  I hope you enjoy this glimpse into my work and our Museum family!

Kara Seawell, Customer Service & Events Assistant (Gal lookin’ chic in glasses and RPM blue)

Kara is my right-hand gal, my Girl Friday, the Barney to my Fred…aka our Events Assistant!  She’s me when I can’t be in two places at once (I’m working on it!) and when I go home for the evening.  Kara gets to stay for the fun part of weddings–the part where everyone is tipsy and showing off their sweet dance moves, LOL!  Oh, the stories she tells!  Kara can also be found helping out at the membership table or in the gift shop on weekends.  She’s also a Pit Bull mama and proud of it!  We are so grateful to have Kara on our team, myself especially!  I could not do my job without her on these busy wedding weekends.  Thank you in advance for everything you do and will do this upcoming wedding season!

Mark Mazurkiewicz, Planetarium Director (Guy rockin’ the shirt-sweater combo)

Mark holds the record for longest running RPM employee having been here since 1992!!! Needless to say, he knows the ins and outs and ups and downs of The Planetarium like the back of his hand!  Mark is a Central grad (Boo–go Blue Jays!) and lives with his wife, Margaret, and their two cats, Lyra and Eddie.  On weekends, he can be found running a marathon, playing ultimate frisbee, cooking with Margaret or taste-testing at any of the local breweries.  However, his claim-to-fame in my book is the homemade apple dumplings he shares with us every year!  So scrumptious! 🙂  Here’s to another 25+ years with our favorite Planetarium Director!

Elan Lift, Planetarium Assistant (Dude with the beard and super official ID badge)

What can I say about Elan…he’s one of the most interesting people I know!  He’s a self-described “Planetarian” (someone who works at a Planetarium, LOL!) since 2011, but his knowledge ranges from astronomy and genetics to carpentry and audio/visual technology.  He’s our go-to guy for just about anything, but officially he does a lot of our public star shows and most of our weddings.  Elan is the person providing the awesome visuals to go along with the dance music–a DJ for the eyes if you will!  He is an invaluable member of our Events team and a fascinating person!  Stop by the Planetarium some time and say hello!  His message to you is “keep looking up!”.

Kevin Pistiner, Customer Service & Education Associate (Bro dressed to impress in baby blue)

Kevin is the newest member of our Events team and just celebrated in one year anniversary with RPM in April 2018.  Kevin wears many hats while he’s here and works within many different departments.  He helps our department with both Museum and Planetarium events, while dabbling in everything from Admissions and Gift Shop to Planetarium star shows and Museum memberships!  Kevin commutes here from West Chester and with his Masters in American Studies from Penn State, he’s a real asset to our team.  Thanks for being here, Kevin!  Here’s to many more anniversaries with RPM!

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