A Modern Twist on a Penny for your Thoughts

Our amazing curatorial team has been hard at work reinstalling our permanent galleries these last few weeks.  Among these changes you’ll notice the relocation of our beloved “Balloon” painting, a new paint color in one of our European Galleries and ‘the old-switcharoo’ in the Founders’ Gallery from classic to modern art!

The Founders’ Gallery, which had been adorned with traditional portraits and landscapes for over 3 years now, was due for a makeover!  Now you’ll find the walls displaying modern and contemporary artwork by artists such as Susan Kahn, Robert Keyser, and Ben Wilson.  But what is modern art?  Dictionary.com defines modern art as “art that was produced in the late 1860s through the 1970s that rejected traditionally accepted forms and emphasized individual experimentation and sensibility”.  My favorite of our newly chosen paintings is called Bridge #2 and it was painted in 1960 by Ernest Fiene.  Check out those deep blues!  Fiene.Bridge2

But the real conversation piece in the Founders’ Gallery is the larger-than-life painting by Larry Poons called Momentum.  Talk about a statement piece!  I’m so excited to see this in the background of future wedding photos in the galleries!


I’m also super pumped for the new color in the European Galleries!  If you’ve been following the blog, you might remember a post I wrote last year about the green paint in the American Gallery (appropriately called Arugula!).  The new paint color this time is called Truepenny!  This gorgeous terracotta, rust color is so rich and complementary next to the blue in the adjacent galleries.  Speaking of the blue galleries…this is the new home of The Balloon by Julien Dupre’!  After 5 years in the Founders’ Gallery it was time for the balloon to float elsewhere.  It looks so fresh and bright in it’s new cozy blue pad!

And last but not least, the American Gallery was reinstalled with more of our permanent collection and received a ‘splash’ of color in the form of a Truepenny stripe!  To highlight the Henrietta painting the RPM is raising funds to purchase, we added this complementary stripe to the existing Arugula walls.  What a wow factor when you first walk in!  It’s like…BAM…truepenny-arugula salad!  LOL!  Check out the photos below to get a taste of these new, exciting changes.  But I recommend visiting The Museum to check them out in person too!  Momentum looks so much better live than in the photos.


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