Animals at Weddings?

I was scrolling through Pinterest the other day and came across this photo…  Bride.with.snake

Not so sure how I feel about this…I mean she is obviously gorgeous and her dress is to-die-for, but a snake?  Really?  This got me thinking about weddings with animals!  With our pet-friendly 25-acre grounds, we have been seeing more and more couples including their fur-babies in the festivities.  And I must say, the 4-legged ring bearers are always the cutest and the highlight of a long work day for me.

But then I got curious…what about other types of animals?  I googled “brides with animals” and was astounded by the zoo that popped up!  There were lots of dogs, of course, many barn yard animals like horses, goats, sheep, llamas, and even the occasional parrot and owl.  The most surprising included an elephant, an alligator, a fox and my absolute nightmare…a tarantula!  Having broadened my horizons on animals attending weddings, I have to say, I’m all for it (except the tarantula…insects are not my thing)!  But here at RPM, we only allow dogs and they must be kept outside.  Dogs are the best anyway.  🙂

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